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    Principal’s Welcome


    Education has been a lifelong passion of mine. It has the transformative power to change lives and continually redefine the limits of what can be achieved. It is the most effective way we can ensure that young people become productive and engaged adults. As an educator with over 35 years of experience working with gifted, special needs, and second language learners, I am convinced that all students can excel when provided with a supportive and dynamic learning environment. By delivering a stimulating and challenging educational program, as well as offering encouragement and targeted support, I know that each student is able to thrive and succeed.

    As such, we at W.I.S.E. value each student’s uniqueness. By recognizing areas of strength and identifying areas requiring improvement, we personalize the academic experience. This individualized approach leads to high student achievement. In addition to attaining academic success, at W.I.S.E. we strive to help our students develop a global vision, a sense of citizenship, and a critical mindset, all essential attributes of the 21st century learner. As an international school, W.I.S.E. is also the home away from home for many of our students, is a school where they will grow, laugh, learn and shine.

    Henry Michels , Principal (WISE)