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    Our School

    Webtree International School of Excellence (W.I.S.E. BSID#883796) is an educational academy located in the dynamic and diverse metropolis of Toronto, Canada’s largest and most renowned city. At W.I.S.E. we use an innovative, creative, and nurturing educational approach in providing our students with an individualized quality education which prepares them to become responsible, engaged citizens and future leaders and innovators.

    As a Ministry of Education-inspected private school, we dedicate ourselves to providing our students with diversified programs which fully support each individual’s academic needs. We also offer customized academic consulting and career planning, facilitating our students in achieving student success and fulfilling their personal goals.

    At W.I.S.E., our program includes Credit Courses, English Programs, Tutoring Programs and additional supports for students. W.I.S.E. is prepared to accelerate and optimize the learning experience using the cognitive approach to earning credits and self-improvement at the learner’s own pace. We have highly experienced and qualified Ontario College of Teacher-certified instructors who are able to accommodate all language acquisition needs.

    The Academy operates during the entire year, including summer session, supporting mastery learning for academic success, as well as skills development. Using comprehensive technologies and sound pedagogy to enrich the learning experience, we provide our students with a context in which they are able to build their knowledge and skills base and perform with excellence.

    Our Mission

    At W.I.S.E., we strive to provide our students with the necessary linguistic, academic, and soft skills required for students to achieve their educational and personal goals. Additionally, we aim to assist our students to not only better immerse themselves in North America’s academic, cultural and social environments, but also to thrive in a competitive global environment.

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